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Another year has come and gone and a new one is starting with all the anticipation and promise of possibility. Possibility. It's the reason we make resolutions for the coming year. It doesn't matter if you stick to them for a month or are able to maintain them for the long haul. It's all about the belief that we can and will make a change, however small, to improve ourselves or the world around us. Whether your resolution involves spending more time at the gym, less time at the office, taking up a hobby or volunteering at a local charity; it's the possibility, the belief that we can do these things, which drives us to make resolutions every year.

In the spirit of the tradition, here is a list of ten alternative resolutions to consider for the New Year, as compiled by the Chicago Tribune.

  • Say 'no' more often. Or if your problem is you stay home too much, say "yes" to everything. The point is, to consider what you need more of in your life and challenge yourself to do things that feel uncomfortable.
  • Clean out your photo library. You know that feeling of dread when your photo roll is full and you suddenly have to choose which 30 photos to delete to make room for the new one? Give yourself the gift of not having that problem anymore.
  • Start a daily gratitude practice. Take time to write down what you are grateful for each day, or each week, whatever feels doable. This can be something you write down in a journal, or pieces of paper you put in a jar that the entire family can contribute to and see throughout the year.
  • Try one new thing each month. This is an easy way to try things without the pressure of learning an entire new skill in 2019. Instead, write a list of things you'd like to do, and pick one for each month.
  • Write a letter once a week. That's right, a letter. As in paper, with a pen. This is a great way to calm your mind and show appreciation to people in your life.
  • Find time to meditate. This is one that many people have good intentions to begin, but meditation can feel intimidating. How long does it really take? How do you even find the right meditation? Do you really have to sit in a certain way and be calm? Well, first, meditations can be as short as three minutes – totally doable at the beginning, middle or end of the day. Apps like Headspace and Calm can help ease you in, first with a beginner level and then with themed series or a daily offering.
  • Paint a room. Set aside time for a home project you've been meaning to tackle – and it doesn't have to be a big one. Even something as simple as painting a room, or just a wall, can freshen up your space. It might even inspire you to continue on with other projects.
  • Put your phone down. Spend an hour without your phone every day. Maybe that's a long walk; maybe it's working in a part of the office where your phone isn't right next to you. If you must have it with you, turn it off and put it face down. Or consider putting your phone down any time you're in front of another screen. Actually pay attention to that movie. No one needs two screens.
  • Cook one new recipe a week. Finally put your Pinterest board to use or crack open that dusty cookbook.
  • Read the books on your shelves. That's right, the ones you already own and have had great intentions for years to read. Maybe you weren't in the mood, maybe "Infinite Jest" seemed way too long. But it's a great time to re-evaluate your bookshelf and commit to getting through the books you already own. Plus, it's free!

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