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With the average cost of hair color in a salon being anywhere from $50-$100 depending on the amount of color used and the intricacies of the formula your stylist uses, it only makes sense to extend the life of your color as long as possible. Just as you wouldn’t put low-test gas in a high-performance car and expect it to operate at its peak, you need to use color-safe products on your hair to get the most out of your salon experience. Look for sulfate free shampoos and products specifically designed for color treated hair. Buying your products from a salon will ensure you’ve not only purchased quality products but also come with recommendations from your stylist; the person who knows your hair and what will work best on your hair type.

Shower-Proof Your Color. Don’t wash your hair for a couple of days after coloring your hair. Hold out as long as possible. A minimum of 48 hours is recommended. The longer you wait to shampoo after applying color the better the pigment will penetrate the hair. Shampoo less: Try to shampoo a maximum of three times a week. Even shampoos designed for color-treated hair can lift up the cuticle of the strands allowing color to fade to a degree and look less vibrant. Dry shampoos work wonders in between regular shampoos and most act as a volumizer as well as remove natural oils from the hair. Condition more: Deep condition your hair once a week. Use a deep-treatment mask in place of your regular conditioner once a week to really seal down the cuticle.

Protect your hair. Everyone knows that too much sun isn’t good for our skin. The same holds true for hair color. UV rays fade hair color. If you are going to be in the sun for an extended period of time, cover up your color with a hat (it will help protect your face also) or use a UV hair protecting spray. Avoid heat styling and additional chemical treatments. Excessive exposure to heat causes color to break down faster. Use a heat protecting spray when blow drying or flat-ironing your hair.

Be Healthy. Beyond the obvious benefits to the body of a healthy lifestyle, eating right is also good for maintaining healthy vibrant hair. Eat a diet filled with water, fruit, vegetables and heart healthy fats to keep your hair strong, shiny and less prone to fading. Your hair will thank you.

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