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Whether you're flying to the Caribbean or driving to the beach or lake for your summer vacation destination, there is a mental checklist we all have. The bags are packed. Check. The MP3 is loaded with your favorite songs. Check. A good book. Check. Fresh Mani/Pedi. Check.

It's happened to all of us on one trip or another. You arrive at your destination, settle into your hotel and have a great meal followed by some sight-seeing or a walk on the beach. You wake up the next morning and discover one of your nails chipped. You spend the rest of your vacation feeling self-conscious of your no-longer pristine coral toes.

Follow these steps and you can avoid the Vacation Mani Mishap.

Bring your own polish to the salon for your appointment. Most salons will allow you to do this. By bringing in your own polish for your appointment you can then take the bottle with you on vacation and touch up any minor chips that occur.

Your nails should be totally dry and debris-free! Any nail-tech worth their salt knows this crucial step. A lint free wipe or pad soaked in acetone swiped over the nails will remove any oil or moisture on your nails which will keep the polish from adhering to the nail.

A base coat is absolutely necessary if you want your polish to last. A good sticky base like Orly Bonder or CND Stickey is essential. You don't want your nails roughed up first. This can do more harm than good.

Seal the edge. Running the nail polish and top coat along the edge of the nail is the best way to keep chips at bay. Chips happen most often when the nail gets wet, expands, and then contracts upon drying, causing the polish to lift and chip. With the free edge sealed, it holds this movement at bay.

Avoid the heat. Once your nails are done avoid hot water, blowing on them, hot yoga and anything else that exposes your nails to hot temperatures for up to twelve hours after having them done. While your nails may feel dry, you need these extra hours to really let the polish cure and set.

Keep your nail beds hydrated, that will stop the peeling and splitting. Skip moisturizer and go directly for an oil – it can penetrate the polish and go directly to the nail bed, getting in deep where it's needed.

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CND Shellac Nails with LED Cured Finish

"14-Day Wear, Zero Dry Time, Mirror Finish, Removes In Minutes, No Nicks, Chips or Smudges!"

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DermAware Bio-Targeted Skin Care

We are the exclusive and official DermAware Bio-Targeted Skin Care Salon In the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area!

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Lasio Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

It's the most versatile, commitment free, damage free way to relax unruly waves and remove frizz.

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Biolage R.A.W. Real Authentic Wholesome

R.A.W. Fresh Recipes is a 3-step cleanser + treatment, custom made for the individual client.

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